The predecessor of Vietnam WMH Latex Product Company Limited was a German latex processing biological factory built in Vietnam. With the support of Vietnam government, it has become a large national company with the integration of research&development, manufacturing, sales. WMH has devoted itself on research&development of healthy bedding product. It is located in Nha Trang, Vietnam ,covering an area of 4200 sq.m..WMH Latex Product Company Limited has high quality latex collecting bases and automatic production line with multiple patented technology. It also has advanced German equipment and experienced German engineer. So that it can provide customers with reliable natural latex product.

Vietnam is a country without industrial pollution. As it is near to the equator, it has tropical rainy climate which is the most suitable for the growing of rubber tree. It has perennial high temperature and moisture. The daytime is long and temperature difference between day and night is big. What’s more the tophaceous acidic soil has achieved 2.7% of rubber tree protein for latex and the content is highest. (In Thailand it is 1.5%.And in Malaysia it is 1.8%). Thus, the elasticity and service life of the latex product in Vietnam is better and longer than other country.