The most convenient character of anion latex products is that they can be washed with water, the anion latex products are easy to be washed by hands, they should not be washed in washing machines or other machines as far as possible, because the latex is soft and easy to be torn apart.

When washing with hands, it should be conducted in the extrusion way. As the products will adsorb large amounts of water when washing, and the weight will be redoubled, do not pull it by a little corner when taking them out of water, or the pillow may tear because of the weight of water. So carefully hold the gravity center of the pillow and the most of its volume, and carefully take it out of water.

After washing, press it with dry towels or other materials that adsorb water with hands until it is dry, avoid direct solarization of sunlight. If you want to shorten the airing time, press the bottom of it with hands every 2 or 3 hours to discharge the redundant water inside it, and blow it with the electric fan.