Negative ion latex mattress product series continue good characteristics of natural latex products. It has more powerful qualities. Strengthened negative ion latex by mineral molecules can withstand stronger impact and have longer durability. After 360,000 endurance test, negative ion latex mattress makes sure that it won’t go deformed after using 30 years constantly. Meantime because of its vast volume more negative ion material can be added. So more negative ions are produced. When your skin has intimate contact with the mattress, every inch of your skin shall absorb more negative ions. While comfortable sensation is more when you are sleeping on it , negative ion can enhance blood circulation and metabolism. It can rejuvenate your every cell and recover your body to vigor from tiresomeness. It guarantees you energetic mind for your next day’s work and study. Macro-molecular structure of the mattress provides you best support and spread pressure of shoulders, hips, and hipbones evenly. It will not create any compression over these blood vessel of these protruding area. It will reduce the number turn over and let you sleep through the night.